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Strategic Plan

Develop GMCF's role and image as the community's expert resource for charitable giving
Strategy 1: Develop relationship with professional advisors
Strategy 2: Develop relationship with Trustees and major donors
Strategy 3: Develop relationship with area nonprofit agencies/organizations
Strategy 4: Develop Trustees as ambassadors
Strategy 5: Create GMCF community presence
Strategy 6: Develop relationships with area media representatives
Initiate new strategies that will result in increased philanthropic giving and grow community endowment
Strategy 1: Establish focus projects that the Community Foundation can be known for and that will inspire giving
Strategy 2: Provide information to potential donors concerning opportunities, implications, and benefits of their charitable donations
Strategy 3: Participate in legislative efforts that support/increase charitable giving
Build a sustainable community foundation
Strategy 1: Develop operations, systems and facilities that will impel GMCF's growth and increase its impact
Strategy 2: Develop donor referrals
Strategy 3: Strengthen marketing strategies
Strategy 4: Expand the Greater Manhattan Legacy Club
Strategy 5: Develop a Trustee recruitment and development plan that includes a means to more fully engage Trustees in the work of the Foundation
Provide active support for community nonprofit agencies/organizations
Strategy 1: Increase grant dollars to provide more help for community needs
Strategy 2: Collaborate with community grant makers

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