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Scholarship Information

The application deadline for many GMCF 2016 scholarships is March 30 - be sure to submit your application on time!

Here are a ew tips to help you stand out in any scholarship application:

  • Take the time to write essays. Often, scholarships that require students to submit an essay have fewer applicants, meaning your chances of being selected are higher.
  • Avoid scams. Be wary of any site that charges a fee to search its database of scholarships or sign up. There are lots of free sites that have access to the same scholarships.
  • Avoid online writing services. Students who use paid services to write or edit their scholarship essays are less likely to be chosen because schools will notice a marked difference between their application and essay. These services also do not show the scholarship administrator a genuine version of who you are.
  • However, DO ask a friend or teacher to read your essay and application for any mistakes that you may have missed.
  • Talk to your guidance counselor about scholarships available through the school that you might qualify for.
  • Follow all instructions carefully and make sure you are submitting all the required parts (including letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc.)
  • Stay organized and know the deadline for each scholarship you are applying for.

Generous Foundation donors have made these scholarship dollars available. Make sure to take advantage of these opportunities. When awarded a scholarship, always send a letter of thanks to the donor who made the scholarship possible.

To review a list of scholarships available through GMCF please click here.

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