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Reasons for Giving to a Community Foundation Instead of directly to a Charity

The Value of "Endowment" vs. "Lump Sum"

  • Donor prefers to make large gifts to charities as permanent or endowed gifts, so the principal remains intact and only the income is distributed to the charity.
  • Chance to endow their giving without the cost of a private foundation.
  • The community foundation as an endowment vehicle opens up gifts for the benefit of specific charities- gifts that wouldn't have been made directly.

The Benefits of an "Independent Screen"

  • Provides donors with an "independent screen". There is, in effect, a layer of insulation between the operating entity and encourages gifts that wouldn't be made in its absence.

The Protection From a "Disappearing Charity"

  • Donors can be confident that gifts to a charity, intended to be permanent endowments, won't simply disappear should the charity discontinue.
  • Agreements allow donor to set up a designated fund for annual payments, & gives donors the right to specify an additional charity should the first cease to exist.

The Opportunity to Split "Stocks"

  • Affords a donor the chance to "split up" a stock and distribute the proceeds to however many charities he or she wishes.
  • Acts as a "pass-through" charity & opens up gifts that otherwise wouldn't be made.

The Advantage of an "Immediate Deduction"

  • Allows the donor make a gift now, and obtain the desired tax deduction now, but defer the identity/sharing ratio decisions until later.
  • Offers donors a "temporary parking place" to stimulate gifts that otherwise wouldn't be made.

The Choice of Deciding the "Investment-Manager"

  • Allows gift donors the opportunity to request that his or her fund be managed and invested by a trust company, brokerage firm, or other entity of the donor's choice, allowing the donor to remain loyal to his or her investment advisor.

The Attraction of "Gifts From Others"

  • Allows a charity to effectively "gets its name out" and attract donations that would not otherwise occur.

The Security of "Asset Protection"

  • Keeps donors money out of reach of the charity's creditors, even though the money is held for the exclusive benefit of that charity.
  • Offers a creditor-proof alternative that gives donors confidence when making gifts.

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