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Asset Development Committee (Vern Henricks, Chair)

Assist with identifying individuals & businesses that have the ability to support the goals of the GMCF.

Finance Committee (Therese Miller, Chair)

Assist with the preparation of the Foundation's operating budget and annual audit.

Fiscal Sponsorship (Matt Crocker, Chair)

Assist with the review of requests made by organizations who don't have 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and request a fiscal sponsorship relationship with the GMCF.

Grants Committee (Mike Holen, Chair)

Assist with the review and recommendations of grants from the proposals received through the Grants for Greater Manhattan program.

Human Resources Committee (Karen Roberts, Chair)

Oversee the search, identification and supervision of GMCF staff positions. Identify and nominate individuals to be elected as Trustees and Officers of the Foundation.

Investment Committee (Jim Gordon & Dean Thibault, Co-Chairs)

Oversee investment objectives and makes recommendations to the Executive Board for the investment of funds of the Foundation.

Marketing Committee (Elaine Dhuyvetter, Chair)

Assist with establishing a plan to promote public awareness of the Foundation's programs, objectives and capabilities.

Nominating Committee (Neal Helmich, Chair)

Assist with identifying and nominating individuals to be elected as Trustees and Officers of the Foundation.

Professional Advisors Committee (Matt Paquette, Chair)

Assist with establishing a plan to identify and enhance relationships with professional advisers.

Scholarship Committee (Elaine Dhuyvetter, Chair)

Assist with the review and selection of scholarship recipients as established by fund holder selection guidelines.

Special Events Committee (Cheryl Grice, Chair)

Assist with the establishment and operations of events that further the cause of the GMCF and the spirit of philanthropy within the community.

Strategic Initiatives Committee (Bill Bahr, Chair)

Assist with building relationships with nonprofit leaders and volunteers, prospective foundation affiliates and external funders.

Youth Impacting Community Committee (Kim McAtee, Chair)

Assist with the development and implementation of the youth program designed to educate youth, ages 14-18, about the philanthropic basics of receiving and granting support.

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